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Learning More About Real Estate

3 Ways That Hiring A Property Manager Can Boost Tenant Satisfaction

by Nathan Olson

As a rental property owner, you may invest extensive time and effort into management and maintenance. A majority of these hours may revolve around your tenants. You may talk with potential tenants while marketing and communicate with actual tenants living in the rental.

While you may try to make your tenants happy, you might notice a pattern of them leaving once their lease is up or not communicating as often as you would like. A practical solution is to hire a property manager who can maximize tenant satisfaction in several strategic ways.

Rental Payment Options

How a tenant pays rent can make a noticeable difference in their satisfaction. For instance, tenants may spend most of their money digitally. So, they may not be interested in writing a check or getting a money order to pay rent each month. A property manager can offer multiple payment options, including online and automatic payments that go through every month.

Giving tenants the flexibility to pay in their preferred method ensures peace of mind. It also allows tenants to change their payment methods depending on their preferences.


Similar to rental payments, you will likely make tenants happier regarding communication when you give them more options. A property manager may offer a wide variety, including calling, texting, emailing, social media messaging, and tenant portal requests. All of these options make it accessible and easy for a tenant to communicate about almost anything.

Some of these methods are incredibly helpful when a renter wants to upload and share photos or videos, such as when something is wrong inside the rental.

Tenant Portal

Creating and maintaining a website for a single rental property is likely considered excessive. However, a property manager will benefit from having a website and online tenant portal because they can provide valuable information and tools to renters and tenants. An excellent example is an online portal where tenants can pay rent and put in maintenance requests.

The online portal is helpful because it creates documentation, which is beneficial for the tenant, property owner, and property manager. A tenant can see precisely when their automatic payment will go through and keep up with it when it changes to pending and then completed.

Boosting tenant satisfaction in a rental home can prove challenging, but you can accomplish it in multiple ways. Hiring a property manager to take over management responsibilities is worth considering when you want to maximize tenant satisfaction. For more information on property management services, contact a professional near you.