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Learning More About Real Estate

Trends To Avoid When Having A New Home Built

by Nathan Olson

When you have a new home built specifically for your family, it can be tempting to jump on all the latest trends. After all, you want this home to be the most up-to-date possible. The problem with trends, though, is that they often fade out after a year or two, leaving you with a home that feels outdated even though it is still very new. If you'd rather your new home have a timeless appeal, here are some trends to avoid when having it designed and built.

Excessive Tile

Tile floors make sense as they are functional and durable. Tile shower surrounds have also been popular for many years and have stood the test of time. But tiling other home features, such as the kitchen counters or bathroom walls, is something that goes in and out of style over the years. Even if it's popular when you build, it probably won't be in a few years. So stick to using tile in the standard areas, and also try to use pretty conventional, neutral tile.

Wood Sinks and Tubs

Wood will always be popular as a building and accent material, but the way it is used in building and decoration changes a lot over the years. Wood sinks and tubs are trendy right now, but they are a very niche look. Wood does not stand up to these uses for very long because of the water exposure, so there's little chance of this trend sticking around.

Exposed Brick

Older homes that were built with brick can often be styled around that brick in a way that makes it look modern and more on-trend. But when you're building a new house, you want to stay away from exposed brick. It starts to crumble, can shift, and starts to look dingy in a few short years. Rehabbing existing brick makes sense, but putting new brick walls in a home simply does not.

Work-In Kitchens

During the pandemic, it became popular to build workspace into kitchens. People who were already working at their kitchen islands had them redesigned to be used as real desks. This makes sense in a home that does not have dedicated office space, but it's a silly trend to incorporate into your new home design. It's far better to build a designated office area into the home, even if that office has to be small.

When building a new home, it's often best to aim for timeless rather than trendy. 

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