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Learning More About Real Estate

What To Consider When Searching For Student Housing Rentals

by Nathan Olson

When you get accepted at a school, you will need to figure out where you will live. If you won't be living in the school dorms, and your school isn't close to your parents' house, you will need to find a place for yourself. Luckily, there are usually lots of student housing options near colleges and universities. 

What's Available?

Student housing fills up quickly, so you should try to find a place as early as possible. Otherwise, you'll struggle to find openings, and you may need to choose between the few undesirable remaining choices. You'll have a lot to prepare for at school, so you won't want to be stressing about your living situation right before you start classes. 


Another thing you'll need to think about while you search for student housing is the prices. There will be costly and relatively inexpensive places for rent, so figure out how much you want to pay and how nice you want the place to be. 

Will You Have Roommates?

Do you want to live alone, or will you have roommates? If you already have a roommate or more lined up, you will need to find a place that's big enough for all of you. However, you will save a lot of money splitting the rent with others rather than paying for the place on your own. 

House or Apartment?

Student housing rentals can either be single-family houses or apartments. Which one would you prefer? An apartment might make more sense if you're living alone or only with a few others, but you'd have a lot more freedom and personal space if you decide to rent a house.

What's Included?

When you search for housing near your school, consider what landlords include in the rent. Some might include electricity, hot water, internet, etc., so they can attract new tenants. If so, you could save money by renting one of these places. 

How Will You Get to Class?

How are you planning on getting to class from your place? If you plan on walking, you will need to find a rental close to the school. If you plan to take public transportation, you'll need to find a place along a bus or train route. 

What Are the Rules?

Student rentals usually have different rules than traditional houses and apartments. Students have a reputation for being rowdy, loud, and throwing parties. Therefore, the landlord might have strict rules, like no noise after certain times, guest limits, etc.