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Learning More About Real Estate

Questions to Ask Pet-Friendly Apartment Managers

by Nathan Olson

When you decide to rent an apartment while having a pet, one of the first things you must find out is if the apartment manager allows pets. If they do not allow pets, you might want to move on to another landlord. When you find an apartment complex that allows pets, you might want to ask a few questions before renting the unit. The rules that apartment managers have relating to pets can vary a lot, so you might want to ask the following questions before signing the lease.

1. What Types of Pets Do You Allow?

Before you get too far, you should ask about the types of pets they allow. Some landlords are good with small pets that stay in cages, such as reptiles or rodents, while other landlords might allow dogs and cats. If the landlord allows dogs, you might want to ask what breeds they allow if you have a dog. Some landlords might allow some breeds or sizes of dogs, but they might prohibit others. If you have a dog, you must make sure that your dog fits within these parameters.

2. How Much Is the Pet Deposit?

If the landlord allows pets, they will likely charge a one-time pet deposit. They charge this deposit to cover common damages that pets cause, and you may want to ask how much this fee is.

3. Do You Pay More Per Month if You Have a Pet?

In some cases, landlords might also charge an extra monthly fee for tenants with pets. For example, you might have to pay extra per month to have a pet in your apartment, and you can ask the landlord about the amount before signing a contract.

4. Are There Designated Places Where You Can Take Your Pet Outside?

If you have a dog, you can also ask where you can take it to use the bathroom. The landlord will likely have a designated area for the tenants to use for their pet needs. You might also have to clean up your pet mess afterward. The landlord can tell you all the rules relating to this and can show you the designated areas if you would like to see them before you rent the apartment.

Asking these and other questions is a great way to find your next apartment. If you have questions about apartment rentals, contact an apartment manager today to learn more.