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Learning More About Real Estate

Came Down On Military Orders For An Unaccompanied Tour? Here's What To Know About Housing For Your Dependents

by Nathan Olson

Receiving orders for a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move can be exciting and a bit nerve-racking to those who are enlisted and their spouses and children. When you finally get your orders, you can start planning important essentials such as housing and where your children will attend school. 

However, when the PCS orders are to an unaccompanied location, more questions tend to arise. Here are a few important things to know if you are on orders for an unaccompanied tour. 

Do You Know Where Your Follow-Up Tour Will Be? 

Typically, when someone comes down on PCS orders for an unaccompanied duty assignment, they are also told where their follow-up tour will be after they fulfill that tour. Of course, if the service member's End of Term of Service (ETS) date corresponds with the end of that assignment and they do not reenlist, they will not have a follow-up tour. It's a good idea to look further in the future than your unaccompanied tour, so you can plan accordingly for where your spouse and children will live while you are overseas and whether or not you want to buy a house now rather than later. 

What Are the Housing Options for Dependents? 

When a service member is on an unaccompanied tour, which as you know means that dependents do not relocate to that duty station, the dependents are essentially free to choose where they want to relocate to for the unaccompanied tour. They may prefer to stay at the current duty assignment, relocate to the follow-up duty station, or move back to the home of record where they will have family and friends. 

What About Basic Allowance for Housing? 

Basic allowance for housing (BAH) can get a bit tricky. It's important to speak with your finance office for more information regarding your particular situation. Typically, when a service member is on an unaccompanied tour, the BAH is based on the housing of the dependent's zip code. You can use this nifty calculator to help determine the differences in BAH amounts for each location you and your family are considering. That way, you will have a better idea of how much you'll have to help with mortgage payments and household bills. 

Do You Meet the Requirements for a VA Loan? 

Find out if you meet the requirements to get a VA loan. You need to have 90 days of continuous active duty in order to start the application process. When you know for certain that you meet the criteria for a VA loan and have determined where your dependents will live, contact a realtor who specializes in military relocation in that area. 

For more information on housing for military relocation, reach out to a real estate agent.