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After finally saving up enough money to use as a down payment, I decided that it was time to hit the market. I met with a lender, got pre-approved for a loan, and then started visiting different properties. However, I quickly realized that I didn't know as much about real estate as I would have hoped. I wanted to find a great neighborhood and know what to ask the professionals, but I could tell that I needed a little help. To point me in the right direction, I started working with a great real estate agent who was familiar with the area. This blog is all about educating the general public on real estate matters.


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Learning More About Real Estate

Four Services To Request From Your Real Estate Company When Selling Your Home

by Nathan Olson

Selling your home can be made easier when you hire a real estate company, but you may not be aware of all the services the company can provide for you. To help your home sell faster or for the right amount, consider requesting the following services from your real estate agent.

Virtual Tours

While you may already know to have pictures taken of the property, you might also want to consider having a virtual tour set up. This 360-degree view of the interior and exterior of your home can serve as a replacement for open houses and walk-through appointments when buyers can't make it to the property. Giving potential buyers a complete view of the home online can also help weed out some individuals who may not be as interested in the home as they might have been with just pictures alone. Your real estate company can arrange for the photography and help post the videos on home-selling websites.

Home Staging

Depending on the age of your home's decor and furniture, you may also want to consider home staging. This service involves replacing your decor with updated furnishings and decorations to make your home look and feel a bit more contemporary. A good real estate agent can help create the perfect look to attract buyers interested in properties like yours and can even make the home seem more expensive or upscale. Remember that the items being placed in your home are not yours, so you'll need to treat them with great care until they are removed.

Prequalification Assistance

If you are planning on buying a new home while selling your current one, you may find that the paperwork involved in getting prequalified can be more complicated than expected. Some of your assets are tied up in a potential sale, and you may have depleted some of your savings to upgrade or repair your property. Your real estate company can help you complete all necessary paperwork to ensure accuracy while also reflecting your overall financial situation faithfully. After you have received your prequalification paperwork, the real estate company can simultaneously help you sell your current home and purchase a new one.

Property Management

In some cases, sellers are already moved out of the home they are selling, which means that the property needs to be managed until it is sold. Ask your real estate company about property management services to handle lawn care, maintenance, and any necessary repairs. While you will need to pay for these services, having a company manage the property can help you focus on your day-to-day life without worrying about your home becoming damaged or devalued.

For more information, contact a real estate company.