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After finally saving up enough money to use as a down payment, I decided that it was time to hit the market. I met with a lender, got pre-approved for a loan, and then started visiting different properties. However, I quickly realized that I didn't know as much about real estate as I would have hoped. I wanted to find a great neighborhood and know what to ask the professionals, but I could tell that I needed a little help. To point me in the right direction, I started working with a great real estate agent who was familiar with the area. This blog is all about educating the general public on real estate matters.


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Learning More About Real Estate

Should You Move Into A Commercial Building?

by Nathan Olson

If you have been handling a successful business out of the living space in your home or out of your garage, then your business may be growing at a rate that is making it harder and harder for you to continue running things in this manner. Here are some things to help you get a good idea of some of the things that can signify it may be time for you to move your home-based business into a commercial building:

You don't have enough space

If you are storing inventory and you are running out of room, then you may need to think about getting a commercial space that has all of the space you need now or will need in the future. Once you move to a commercial space, you will be able to start using your home or garage as it was originally intended to be used—for living! Also, if you are going to have drop-offs and pick-ups of a lot of products, then this will be much easier from a commercial building.

You aren't zoned for business

If you have been able to keep your business low-key, but you aren't living in an area that is zoned for a home-based business, then you will want to move to a commercial business building as soon as possible. Continuing to use your home in a way that goes against zoning is risky and can lead to stiff fines in some areas. Moving to a commercial building will allow you to carry on your business in a working space that is legal for you to work in and out of.

You are hiring employees

You may have been handling your business by yourself or with the help of your family up until now. However, if you have come to the point where you now need to hire employees to help you with your business, then you are going to want to seriously consider moving everything into a commercial building.

When you move things to a commercial building, you will have the parking necessary for the employees that you hire. With a commercial space, you will have all of the space that you need for your products and materials. If you can use help from any type of machinery, then you will have room for any equipment that can help you with manufacturing or packaging. When you move to a commercial building, you will also have more room for the employees to work.

If you think it's time to move your business to a commercial property, contact a company that can help you with commercial property real estate.