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Learning More About Real Estate

Protecting Your Home Against Ants

by Nathan Olson

An ant problem can be extremely disruptive, as the ants can be unsanitary while also posing the risk of leaving painful bites. While ants are a common problem that homeowners will often find themselves facing, eliminating this problem may not be as difficult as is assumed.

Rinse And Sanitize Garbage Bins

The garbage bins can be a major source of ants, as the bins can develop extremely powerful odors that may serve to attract ants. For this reason, homeowners are always advised to rinse and sanitize their garbage bins following each use.

If this is done on a regular basis, you will find that the garbage bin can be fairly quick and painless to clean. Rather than completely filling the garbage bin with water and dumping it out, you should consider turning the dumpster on its side and spraying it out with a hose.

Before closing the lid, the dumpster should be given at least several hours to dry. Otherwise, the moisture that gets trapped could contribute to unnecessary odors.

Address The Roof

The roof may seem like an unlikely source of a serious ant problem, but it is possible for these pests to make their way to the roof by way of branches that may be in contact with it. Unfortunately, homeowners who fail to consider the need to treat their roof for ants may find that this is a problem that is difficult to fully eliminate. By trimming branches away from the roof and applying ant pesticides to the roof, you will be able to greatly improve the effectiveness of your ant control strategy.

Seal Exterior Cracks In The Walls

Eliminating all of the paths that the ants can take into the home is important for preventing these pests from returning. In order to fully eliminate this risk, you will want to thoroughly inspect the home and seal any cracks in the exterior.

Homeowners will often simply seal cracks near the ground but fail to address cracks that may be higher up the walls. Ants will have little problem climbing up the wall of your home to gain access to these cracks.

As a result, it is important to seal any small cracks regardless of their closeness to the ground. This can be a highly labor-intensive task, and it can also be very easy to miss a small crack. Hiring a company that offers ant control services to find and close these small openings can be the most convenient and effective solution for preventing ants from gaining access to your home in this way.