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After finally saving up enough money to use as a down payment, I decided that it was time to hit the market. I met with a lender, got pre-approved for a loan, and then started visiting different properties. However, I quickly realized that I didn't know as much about real estate as I would have hoped. I wanted to find a great neighborhood and know what to ask the professionals, but I could tell that I needed a little help. To point me in the right direction, I started working with a great real estate agent who was familiar with the area. This blog is all about educating the general public on real estate matters.


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Learning More About Real Estate

Consider These Projects To Make The Interior Of Your Home Feel Bigger Before Listing It

by Nathan Olson

When you list your house for sale, the online listing will include the measurements for each of your rooms. If your home is on the smaller side, you might feel that these measurements could scare some prospective buyers away. While you can't do anything about these numbers, you can make some changes inside your home to make each of the rooms — and especially those that are a little cramped — look and feel larger. These projects will help the photos of your home show it off in the best light, and when people visit for an open house, they'll be struck at how roomy your home feels. Here are some things that you can do.


There's perhaps no better way of making your home feel roomier than decluttering each of the rooms. Items on the floor and on shelves can make a room feel small, but getting rid of these things can instantly turn a cramped room into a spacious one. Evaluate each room to determine what things you need. In a child's bedroom, for example, you want the basic furniture — a bed, dresser, and a desk. However, you may not need a shelf lined with collectible figures, nor a handful of model airplanes hanging from the ceiling. These elements can make the room feel cramped, but removing them will open things up.

Use Lighter Colors

Dark colors can often make a room feel cramped. By limiting the use of dark colors and, instead, opting for lighter colors, you can quickly transform the look of the space. For example, in a small den, a dark green carpet or dark tan walls can be detrimental. Consider painting the walls in an off-white shade and replacing the dark carpet with cream-colored carpet. You may even wish to put darker furniture into storage, as it both clutters the space and makes the room feel more confined due to its color.

Change The Lighting

Some forms of lighting can contribute to a room feeling cramped. For example, if you have a ceiling light hanging in a small room, taller people may feel as though they need to duck upon entering the space. It can often be advantageous to remove bulky ceiling lights and replace them with sleek track lighting. Or, you might wish to scrap the overhead lights entirely and opt for small wall sconces or lights on tables and desks, depending on the look and usage of the room.