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Learning More About Real Estate

3 Tips For Setting Up A Bedroom Your Children Can Share

by Nathan Olson

If you have recently moved into a two bedroom apartment for rent and have multiple children, you will likely have to figure out the best way that they can share one of the bedrooms. Sharing a room can be a positive experience for children, helping them learn to share space and making a deep connection with each other. However, there are a few logistical issues you may have when you first start room sharing. Here are some ways to avoid problems. 

Use Black Out Curtains Around the Beds 

If your children have bunk beds, you can install curtains to make the bed more like a berth on a ship. Otherwise, consider canopy beds that you can hang thick curtains from. This gives each of your children a bit of privacy. It also allows one child to stay up late, reading or studying, while the other can sleep without being disturbed. Finally, it helps with children who have different bedtimes, because the child with the earlier bedtime is less likely to be woken up by the other child coming into the room and getting ready for bed at a later hour. 

Create a Play Space In the Living Room 

One of the ways to make a shared bedroom work successfully is to make the bedroom a sleeping area as opposed to a multipurpose area. Instead of putting your children's toys and games in their bedroom, make a dedicated play area in one corner of the living room. This gives your children one area to go when they want quiet time and another area to be loud and full of energy. You may decide to keep some quiet games and books in the bedroom, but keep more active games in a hall closet or in the living room. 

Consider Custom Furniture 

While you can usually find a wide-selection of bunk beds or can fit two single beds into one room, if more than two children are sharing a room, you may have to get creative with your furniture design to make the space work. Consider custom beds to maximize the space in the room as well as collapsible desks for studying and other modular furniture to accommodate all of your children's specific interests and needs. 

Living in a two-bedroom apartment with multiple children can be a challenge sometimes. However, there can be many benefits if the apartment complex includes amenities such as a pool or if it is located in an active neighborhood.