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Learning More About Real Estate

How To Decorate A Historic Downtown Apartment

by Nathan Olson

If you're lucky enough to rent or own a historic apartment in your city's downtown district, you can enhance your home's appeal through decor. When decorating the apartment, pick pieces, colors and styles that accentuate the unit's timeless beauty and play up it's historic qualities.

Here are a few ways you can pay respect to your apartment's past:

Paint Color

While you can never go wrong with white or cream-colored paint on your apartment's walls, you can add some interest with a bit of subdued color. To stick with the home's historic theme, consider neutral hues of beige, taupe or tan. Soft pastel colors such as butter yellow, seafoam green, cotton candy pink or turquoise can also work in bathrooms or bedrooms. 

There's nothing wrong with adding modern touches to a historic downtown apartment, but garish neon colors won't do much to enhance the home's special features, such as intricately designed trim or elegant stair balusters. 

If you do want to add a touch of vibrant color to the apartment, a few bright textiles, such as couch or bed pillows, will make a big impact. 

Make Use of Unique Shelf Space

Take advantage of the apartment's unique architectural details, such as classic wood fireplace mantels and built-in nooks and bookcases. Tastefully decorating these items will pay homage to the home's history.

For instance, you can display a collection of vintage cookbooks or books about legendary Hollywood actors on the bookcase. Use fireplace mantels to display historic family photos or fresh flowers in antique milk glass vases. 

A small nook, such as a vintage telephone stand, is ideal for holding a potted plant. 

Vintage-inspired Textiles

Even if you have modern stainless steel appliances in your kitchen and streamlined furniture in your living room, you can still give your historic apartment a warm look and feel with vintage-inspired textiles.

As one idea, cover floor-to-ceiling windows with drapes featuring an elegant toile or fleur-de-lis or rich brocade pattern. If you're going for a shabby chic look, pick drapes in soft hues of pink, coral or yellow. Keep things a bit more sleek with dark gray or black-and-white designs. 

Another way to incorporate vintage-looking textiles into your home is through couch slipcovers, throw blankets, pillows and even dishtowels in the kitchen. 

If your old wood living room or bedroom floors are in less-than-perfect condition, an antique wool hand-hooked area rug will cover any unsightly areas while adding ambiance to the space.