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Learning More About Real Estate

Tips For Staging The Bathroom To Increase Your Home Sale Chances

by Nathan Olson

When you list your home for sale, it can be an exciting process, but it isn't without a lot of preparation. You can improve your chances of a quick sale by taking time to carefully stage the house before your showing. One of the most common areas that people overlook in staging is the bathroom. Here are some tips to help you clean things up and stage your bathroom for your home sale.

Create a Clean Canvas

The first step to staging your bathroom is to clean it completely. Spend some time scrubbing every surface in the bathroom. Use either a bleach-based cleaner or an organic disinfecting cleaner for this part.

Pay special attention to the areas where there is mold or mildew. This is particularly a concern in areas that draw moisture. You'll also want to make sure that you clean the areas that are frequently neglected, like the exhaust fan, the insides of the light fixture covers and the mirrors.

Shed a Little Light on the Subject

Install new bulbs in all of the bathroom light fixtures. Opt for bulbs that are the brightest that the fixtures are rated for so that the room is as bright as possible. In addition, you can make the most of the light by adding a couple of mirrors to reflect the light around the room.

Keep Personal Items Away

Remove all of your prescriptions, personal items and toiletries from the drawers and cabinets. Store all of those items out of sight. The purpose of this is so that your prospective buyers can clearly see how much space there is in the bathroom and aren't distracted by your items. That way, they can see themselves in there more easily.

Decorate With Towels

Place towels in a decorative manner on your towel rack. Create bundles of small towels in baskets, placing small hand towels on top of the stack. Consider tying some hand towels or washcloths with ribbons.

Build guest baskets of decorative moisturizer bottles, shaped soaps and other small personal trinkets. You can even make it more spa-like by hanging a fabric shower curtain and placing a soft bathrobe on a padded hanger on the back of the door. Opt for a robe that's neutral in color so that it blends well with the room.

Consider the colors of your towels and other bathroom decor carefully. During the winter and fall seasons, use towels that are rich, deep, earthy hues. In the warmer seasons, lighter, softer shades are better.

With the right staging in your bathroom, you'll have a room that's clean and inviting. It can help you formulate a cohesive flow from room to room, increasing your chances of a sale. To learn more, contact a real estate company like Expert Real Estate Team