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Learning More About Real Estate

Small Rental Space Solutions: Things To Store Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

by Nathan Olson

Storage space is one thing that always seems to be in short supply wherever you live. It gets even more complicated in a rental where you may not be allowed to add shelving to the walls. Many rental kitchens have cabinets that do not go to the ceiling, which provides storage space, but the heat and humidity of the kitchen pose a problem as to what you can store.

Keep it Neat with Boxes

Find a size box that fits well on top of your cabinets. You may have to place a piece of plywood across the top to make them sit flat. Decorate the boxes with cheap contact paper or dress them up with fabric and ribbons. Create some large identifying tags so you can find things quickly when needed.

Food You Can Store Up High

If you want to store food up near the ceiling, choose the right items and package them properly. Always put grains, cereals and flours in air-tight plastic containers to keep the moths out and use and rotate them frequently. Dried goods, like pasta and dehydrated foods, also need to be put into zipper or heat-sealed bags for storage. Canned goods are heavy, but they can be mixed with dry goods to keep the weight of the boxes down.

Camping Gear

Cabinet tops are a great place to store boxes with small items of camping gear, such as cookware, lanterns, dishes and other essentials. It's not a good place to store flammable or moisture sensitive items, such as camping stove fuel or matches.

Garden Supplies

Avid gardeners always need space for their supplies and gear. Small tools, trays and pots can be stashed above the cabinets until needed in the spring. It's not a good place to store seeds, which should be kept in the crisper of the refrigerator to ensure their viability for the next year. Fertilizers should be kept in a cooler, drier space than the kitchen so the moisture doesn't affect their strength.

Sports Gear

Small items of sporting gear that fit into boxes, such as balls, gloves, skates or bicycle tools and supplies can have a safe off-season home above your cabinets. Be sure to put any moisture-sensitive items made of fabric or leather in sealed plastic bags for protection.

Anything that is not heat or moisture sensitive, or that can be properly protected from these two things can be stored on top of your kitchen cabinets. If in doubt, find another space for your possessions. Your real estate professional may have more storage tips you haven't thought of, so don't be afraid to ask for help. Click here for more information about apartments for rent.